Snake Love,
for adults

Erotic version of the snake and ladder game, Snake Love for a couple allows stimulating their senses.

Snake LoveSnake Love
Snake Love

When is your turn, you roll the dice and move the number of squares indicated. Then, you must follow the instructions on the square.

Some examples:

Square 2 : Stroke Ena's hair.
Square 12 : Suck Aza's every finger.
Square 25 : Touch lightly Ena's inner thigh
Square 31 : Stroke, nibble, and pat Aza's buttocks.
Square 40 : Stay behind Ena and rock in back-and-forth motion.
Square 58 : Perform fellatio on Aza.
Square 66 : Use Ena's hands to touch yourself wherever you want.
Square 69 : Your turn to choose how you continue.

Of course, in the game, "Aza" and "Ena" is replaced by the names of players.

Some squares are ladders that can make you advance or move back on the board.

To win, you need to arrive precisely onto square number 69.

UPDATE 1.1 :

  • Translation of the game into English
  • Modified packaging with the Aza and Ena devils
  • Integration of a news module
  • Facebook integration
Snake Love

Snake Love

Version 1.1
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French, English


Compatible with iPhone,
iPod touch and iPad

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